Peter Behrens (1868-1940)

"Peter Behrens (14 April 1868 – 27 February 1940) was a German architect and designer. He was important to the Jugendstil and modernist movement, and several of the movement´s leading names (including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius) worked for him in earlier stages of their careers." - ( 29.01.2020)

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Sechsteiliger Kelchglassatz mit rubinroten FüßenElektrischer Tee- und WasserkesselKanne einer WaschtischgarniturKonvolut von Wand- und Bodenfliesen (1)Konvolut von Wand- und Bodenfliesen (2)
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Created Peter Behrens (1868-1940)

Decor designed Peter Behrens (1868-1940)

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