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Carl Berg (1851-1906)

"Carl Berg (4 February 1851, Lüdenscheid – 26 May 1906, Bonn) was a German entrepreneur and airship builder.

Berg came from a commercial iron-works family. His great grandfather founded a button-making factory on 1786 in Lüdenscheid. In the following generations the factory developed into an important metal-working company. Among others it incorporated a brass works and an iron works in Eveking (today Werdohl).

After his father´s death Carl Berg, at the age of 20, took over the firm and expanded it further. Early on he recognised the opportunities in the electrical industries and delivered special wire for the Post to use for telegraph and telephone. Other non-ferrous metals were developed." - ( 30.01.2020)

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Motor des "Tempelhofer Luftschiffes"Stuckbüste Carl Berg (1851 - 1906), um 1906
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